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Investigation: Sudan protester abducted and detained after sniper shooting

(Channel 4 news)

Yousra explores the case of an activist shot in the back by a sniper while peacefully protesting in Khartoum and later abducted by security forces. He now has two choices: allow them to operate and remove their bullet or remain in detention.

[Producer: Darius Bazargan]

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Yousra investigates the shocking attack of a hospital in Sudan’s peninsular capital, attacked by government militia who tear gassed an emergency room and shot protesters being treated inside.

[Producer: Darius Bazargan]

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NEWS: Sudan Protests (vice news tonight on hbo)

Yousra uncovers the wave of anti-regime demonstrations across Sudan and speaks to the professionals organising the marches and facing persecution. She also speaks to a former close advisor to President Omar Al Bashir who is now leading the opposition.

[Producers: Lauren Prince & Craig Thomson]

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Investigation: medics and snipers (Channel 4 news)

Yousra explores the Sudanese regime’s use of snipers against anti-regime protesters and the persecution of medical professionals on the frontline of the recent uprising.

[Producer: Darius Bazargan]

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NEWS: DEmonstrators and police clash in Sudan protests (CNN international)

Yousra explores the brutal crackdown by government forces against anti-regime protesters in Khartoum. While field producing the segment, she becomes a victim of the aggression herself.

[Team: Nima Elbagir & CNN International News Desk]

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News: Sudan protests against bashir (Channel 4 NEws)

Yousra reports on the demonstrations against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, on their tenth day in a row.

[Producer: Darius Bazargan]


investigation: Israel’s “voluntary” deportation scheme (Vice News Tonight on HBO)

Yousra meets African asylum-seekers pushed out of Israel on the basis of a “voluntary” deportation scheme which gave them two options: prison or a one-way ticket to Uganda.

[Team: Sarah Burke & Daniel Bateman]

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Warning: some disturbing scenes


exclusive: we met Russia’s first gay married couple after they fled for their lives

(Vice News Tonight on HBO)

Yousra speaks to Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky and Pavel Stotsko, the first gay couple to be registered as married in Russia. After marrying in Denmark, the pair were able to exploit a loophole in Russian family law that recognises same-sex foreign marriage. It felt like a dream, until they appeared on national television.

[Team: Andrew Potter, Veronika Silchenko & Richard Smith]

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Feature: UGanda’s social media tax

(Vice News Tonight on HBO)

Yousra follows Bobi Wine - Ugandan pop star turned member of parliament - as he organises an uprising against long-time President Yoweri Museveni’s controversial social media tax. Yes, you read that right. A tax that charges the public for use of 58 social media apps, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Skype.

[Team: Sarah Burke & Daniel Bateman]

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Feature: NATO jets are intercepting russian nuclear warplanes

(Vice News Tonight on HBO)

Yousra meets NATO pilots and air commanders who detail how Russia’s airforce antagonises western powers by sending nuclear war-planes straight into NATO airspace.

[Team: Andrew Potter, Daniel Bateman & Steven Bartus]

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Anniversary: Grenfell fire survivors yet to be housed a year later

(Vice News Tonight on HBO)

Yousra speaks to Zeinab Jafari, a resident of Lancaster West Estate where Grenfell Tower once stood. Zeinab is yet to be rehoused a year later, forced to live at the site of the tragic fire that killed her father-in-law.

[Team: Sarah Burke & Fred Tiffin]

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INvestigation: Kenya’s child gambling crisis

(Vice News Tonight on HBO)

Chinese slot machines have flooded Kenya’s slums over the last two years and kids are hooked. Yousra speaks to parents and children grappling with the gambling wave and the authorities barely scratching the surface.

[Team: Alex Campbell & Jerry Ricciotti]

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