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BBC radio 4 documentary

no singing, no movement: part i (Radio 4 Pick of the week)

Yousra investigates the musical life of Sudan, past and present, in light of the changes wrought in the 1980s by Islamic rule. She explores what was lost, the possibilities of musical performance in the capital Khartoum at the moment, and the forces at play in a culture that seems to be opening up again.

[Producer: Megan Jones]

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Bbc Radio 4 documentary

No singing, no movement: part ii

Yousra visits a ground-breaking music festival in the northern desert of Sudan, on the banks of the Nile, to meet contemporary Sudanese musicians trying to make it.

[Producer: Megan Jones]


channel 4: Unreported world

rebuilding generation war (ep 7: series 34)

Yousra made her television debut on Channel 4’s flagship foreign affairs show, Unreported World - the longest-running international documentary series in Britain.

“In this episode, she visits the Mowasah hospital in Jordan where Medecins Sans Frontieres - aka Doctors Without Borders - surgeons are offering innocent victims of the wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen life-changing surgery to help them restart their lives. It's the only hospital of its kind in the Middle East, and as well as battling their injuries, patients - many of them children or still in their teens - have had to make extraordinary journeys to get there. Elbagir follows their stories and investigates the challenges facing a generation that has known only war.” (Radio Times)

[Director & Producer: Jessica Kelly]

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Warning: graphic surgical scene